Northeast Arkansas Regional Intermodal Authority

Mrs. Graycen Bigger – Executive Director

Since September 2009 the NEAIA has joined efforts to attract industrial partners to the four separate sites by offering different services that capitalize on the strengths of each site rather than compete against one another.

Accomplishments to date

  • Prepared master plans for each site of the four sites
    • Pocahontas – 120 Acres
    • Walnut Ridge – 800 Acres
    • Corning – 1,000 acres
    • Hoxie – 540 acres
  • Received grants from AEDC for $200,000 for engineering studies
  • Prepared Hoxie site plan with surveying and environmental assessments
  • Prepared a Railway Plan with UP and BNSF approval
  • Applied for additional grants (R-BEG / R-BOG) for additional Planning &Airport Expansion at Walnut Ridge site

Future Goals

Northeast Arkansas Intermodal Authority plans to continue marketing to industrial partners that are suited to locate on any of the four sites.

Potential Industrial Partners

  • Aerospace & Aviation, Steel, Auto Assembly
  • Forest Products, Green & Sustainable Corporations
  • Energy and Manufacturers, Supply & Alternate Fuels
  • Health and International Foods, Bio Science,
  • Telecommunications, Logistics, Data Centers
  • Corporate Headquarters, Supply Companies

Importance of Highway 67 Extension

The four NEAIA sites all touch or lay adjacent to US Highway 67. A transloading facility in Hoxie will permit rail cargo to transfer to trucks and visa versa which will expand capabilities for cargo distribution. The development of the Hwy 67 corridor extension beyond Hoxie will promote an increased volume of highway transportation north to connect Arkansas to Missouri and beyond.