Pocahontas is a beautiful, productive, friendly city located in the only county in the state of Arkansas that can boast of having five rivers.

Pocahontas offers more than 2.000 acres of industrial sites and a 140 acre Industrial Park.  The community offers a combination of resources, available trained labor and ideal plant sites, aloof which combine to make this an ideal place for industries to locate.

The Randolph County educational system is well-equipped to meet the training needs of industrial prospects.  Black River Technical College, a comprehensive two-year college, offers a wide variety of technical and collegiate transfer courses.  Williams Baptist College, a four year private liberal arts college is located in nearby Walnut Ridge, approximately a 15 minute drive from Pocahontas.  Arkansas State University, a state supported school, is located 42 miles away in Jonesboro.

The Pocahontas area is well served by the highway system and Pocahontas Municipal Field, which has a 4,000 foot lighted runway that allows instrumental landing and high intensity approach.  Single and twin engine charter services are also available.

Randolph County is truly a sports lover’s paradise, with the best in fishing and canoeing in beautiful unpolluted streams. Davidsonville State Park, located about 10 miles from Pocahontas, offers camping, boating, a picnic area, playground and nature trails.

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