Black River

The Black River is a tributary of the White River running approximately 300 miles through northeastern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri. The headwaters forks converge near Lesterville, MO and flows southward through Pocahontas, AR and Old Davidsonville State Park in Randolph County until it joins White River at Jacksonport, AR.

Spring River

The Spring River is a 57 mile long river that flows through Missouri and Arkansas. The Spring River proper begins at Mammoth Spring in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas. Over 9.78 million gallons of spring water is pumped into the Spring River per hour. Being spring fed, the river stays at a constant temperature of 59°F and is very clear.

Spring River flows to its confluence with Eleven Point River near Old Davidsonville State Park until it joins the Black River.

Elevenpoint River

Eleven Point River has its beginnings in the rolling hills of Howell County, Missouri, and enters Arkansas in a remote area of Randolph County, north of Pocahontas. It is popular with canoeists and smallmouth bass anglers between Dalton and U.S. 62, both in Randolph County. Stream-running walleye are also found in the Eleven Point. Because it is spring-fed, the Eleven Point can be floated the year around. Camping and canoe access is available at Dalton.

Current River

The Current River forms in the southeastern portion of the Ozarks of Missouri and becomes a 7th order stream as it flows southeasterly out of the Ozarks into northeastern Arkansas where it becomes a tributary of the Black River. Current River is approximately 184 miles long.

Fourche River

The Fourche River is a minor tributary of the Black River ending in Randolph County, Arkansas. Fourche River flows 32.4 miles and is known as a good fishing stream.