2014 Business Expo & Job Fair

We are now taking booth registration forms for the 2014 Business Expo & Job Fair presented by the Randolph County Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Department of Workforce Services. If you have any questions regarding this event please call 870-892-3956.    

Good Earth Association Newsletter

Good Earth Association Inc.  610 N Marr St., Pocahontas, AR 72455 Ph/Fax 870-892-9545 Good Earth Association Inc’s Press Release and March “E” Newsletter Contacts: Gladys Nelson; 870-647- 2009 or Don Waterworth Ph 870-892-9545 For Immediate Release Members and members in waiting can now request to be place on the reservation list for the Spring/Summer GEA Kilo Vista season.  Cabin rentals, sleep rooms, open areas,…