Buck Hollow is a 2600-acre Commercial Wildlife Hunting Resort licensed by the AG&FC just 15 miles from Pocahontas. Located on the eastern escarpment of the Ozark Plateau, the ranch is a private
wildlife management and habitat experiment station, comprised of five creek bottoms among the timbered ridges and historic homesteads of our forefathers. Keith Futrell, Ranch Manager, offers: photo safaris, eco-tours, hunting (trophy elk, whitetail deer and turkey) and fishing on Misty Lake.

The ranch habitat design-layout (see map) melds topography, soil type and historic usage to provide optimum wildlife viewing as well as sanctuary. The Designer Blinds are fully enclosed, including desk and library, overlooking the productive food plots, which are scientifically managed to benefit wildlife. Vistas from the ranch ridges of the Eleven Point and Fourche river valleys are exceptional by season and time of day. Discover the rich natural and cultural stories hidden in the timber, pastures, food plots and homestead sites in what was called “Warm Corner” at the dawn of the 20th century.

Fully guided trophy hunts are available as part of our wildlife management plan and are limited by continuous monitoring of annual trophy production of bull elk, 150+ B&C whitetail and mature gobblers.

Fall Hunting Season

Fall issues in hunting season, October 1st, as brilliant leaf colors emerge with crisp autumn days. Bull elk bugle day and night while gathering their harems. Our trophy qualifications set the bar high, making each hunt anxious, fun and hopefully a success. All hunts are guided and tailored to provide the type of hunt you desire. Keith will do all that is possible to design a hunt that fits your
dreams; however, success is not guaranteed, since this is fair chase hunting! Hunts are available through February subject to the annual trophy availability, except turkey gobblers, which are exclusively hunted in the spring. The bull elk are in full rut by mid-September and the deer are in full rut by late October.

CamoLodge Guest Cabin

CamoLodge, our guest cabin, provides all the comforts of home, including kitchen facilities, bathroom, HVAC, satellite TV and sleeping accommodations. The porch overlooks a surrounding food plot with a feeder to attract wildlife for your viewing.

Bass and Bream Fishing

Bass and bream fishing excursions on Misty Lake are available from our johnboat and electric motor. Trophy bass are “catch and release,” take a photo and measure your catch for a replica available from Possum Trot Taxidermy. Keep all the bream you want and a mess of eating bass for the table.

Spring at Buck Hollow

Spring brings renewal when the ridges and hollows echo with the calls of the boss gobblers as they vie for the attention of hens. The plum, redbud and dogwood trees explode in flower as the timber buds to green-up and wildlife openings are painted in spring flowers. The Ozarks attract a wide range of nesting birds: hummingbirds, gold finch, indigo buntings, mocking birds, towhees, blue jays, cardinals and many more grace the timber canopy. The elk and deer shed their antlers and emerge into velvet as they grow their adornments for the next fall.

Summer Time at Buck Hollow

Summer wears its mantle of deep greens across the ridges, and food plots burst with clovers and grain providing feed and brood habitat for game and songbirds alike. The elk and deer drop spotted calves and fawns as the turkey hens escort their broods through the food plots. As the young frolic with their mothers, it is remarkable to witness the rapid growth of the bull elk and buck deer velvet antlers, one of the fastest growing events in the animal kingdom.


Keith Futrell, Manager: (home) 870-892-8745, (cell) 870-926-8446 or (email) keith.futrell@suddenlink.net